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To be the best, you need to get peak performance coaching from the best. Meet Rhys Parry Badkin, a high performance coach from The Pash Flow Project, who will show you how to be successful in business. Rhys is a business success coach who wants to help you build a purposeful business. Speaking to Linh Podetti, founder of Outsourcing Angel in the latest episode of The Kind Boss Podcast, Rhys shares his success strategies and his business success motivation. Work with the right business coach Australia, and get the guidance and mentorship you need to succeed.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why peak performance coaching for entrepreneurs is vital
  • Invaluable tips for entrepreneurs to survive any crisis
  • How to succeed in small business
  • Small business advice to grow your business
  • Business tips for success

Learn to safeguard your time, money, and motivation with Rhys Parry Badkin. As a chief enthusiast and a performance coach, Rhys shares how empowering entrepreneurs to unleash their potentials and how to bullet-proof their business and profit throughout the crises. Watch this full video:

Valuable tips that you will get from this interview:

  • Unleashing entrepreneurial potential
  • YOU are your primary asset
  • Aligning your mental resources
  • Moving forward and progress
  • Making a difference


Some take-aways as you listen to this episode, check below:

  • Freedom, passion and making a difference
  • Rekindling passion
  • Business development
  • Never stop learning
  • Creating a legacy
  • Managing your time
  • Shifting perspective

Helpful tips about personal and / or performance development

Actually shifting perspective

It is only through giving yourself permission to shift perspectives that your world is going to change. Believing your business is beyond yourself, purposely-driven, building enough financially, making a difference in a community and finding a way to better serve.

Running a business

This is one of the best forms of personal development you’ll ever have because everything’s on the line. When something’s not working so you have to pivot, and not quit, and probably then come to a point of alignment where you bring your gifts, skills and abilities into fruition. It’s very important to have profit as well, as if there’s no profit, then there’s no people to be helped, and being unable to subscribe to a higher purpose to uplift the whole business.

About Rhys Parry Badkin

Rhys Parry Badkin (Aka the Chief Enthusiast) is a Peak Performance Coach who helps Entrepreneurs Bullet Proof Their Business and Profit Through Crisis.

After 15 Years Experience working across 5 Separate Industries Rhys is fueled by a mission to Unleash Entrepreneurial Potential. Fast.

His firm belief is that that you are the Primary Asset in your Business and in order for you to maintain your momentum in challenging times such as these we need to treat your Performance as Business Critical!

Business can be hard – let’s admit it!

The thing is though that with the right Tools, Systems and Guidance at your Disposal there is a way to safeguard your TIME, MONEY and MOTIVATION you’re craving.

Rhys is the guy to help you do it!


Look no further for a small business coach. Join Rhys’ community of productivity hacks and business skills at:

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